A.E.I.O.U – A cafe with Vintage Outlook but Trendy Food

The first thing that came to my mind when I get to know this cafe is the interesting cafe name. It reminds me of the vowels learnt in school.

This new cafe opens up at a neighbourhood, retaining its looks from the former shop owner. With all the wall paintings and deco up for sale in the cafe, it sure gives us a very different feel during dining.


Visited this cafe a couple of times, and therefore get to try quite a number of their dishes. I can say I love their food a lot. From side dishes to breakfast dishes and pasta, all seems to suit my taste!

The Moo-licious Cheeks($24.90) in the menu seems to be a popular item so I just had to order this. It is actually a Beef Cheek Tagliatelle Pasta fused with Tangy Balsamic. The smooth pasta texture accompanied with the sweet sauce over the pasta makes it very appetizing. And yes, the Beefs Cheeks are very soft and good. Indeed very valued for money!


If you would love to have some vege dish yet not wanting to eat a salad, why not try the Beaten Up Pinata($12.90). It is a spanish inspired egg dish packed with garlic, onion & diced peppers. It taste like an egg pancake to me.


Another option would be the Pan of Sunshine($8.90). With Sunny Side Up Eggs topped with Rocket Leaves & drizzled with Savory Pesto Sauce, perfect for a light meal. Add a Duck Confit($5) to it if you would like to have some meat with it. I feel the duck meat shreds actually matches quite well with the dish.


Root Vegetables lovers don’t forget to order their Sticks for Comfort($7.90). This item is made up of Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes & Yam, cut into sticks form and deep fried. Perfect for sharing!


Coffee lovers, if you are into trying something different, why not try out their Blueberries Coffee($8) or Avocado Coffee? I personally find their fruit coffee very interesting and good. Besides tasting the fruits, you still get to taste the coffee in one sip. Extra bonus points goes to the interesting Vodka cups for serving the drinks.


For dessert lovers, don’t forget to order the Avocado Cheesecake($8). A very photogenic & delicious item on the menu which you just can’t miss it. The cheesecake is very light and soft, and it just makes me feel like going back for more.



111 King George’s Avenue

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm

Closed Monday

2 thoughts on “A.E.I.O.U – A cafe with Vintage Outlook but Trendy Food

  1. We’ve been there ! Each furniture is really unique and cool. The Mocha was WAYYY too bitter for us as coffee-drinkers but the service was great. And the staff redid the coffee for us 🙂 Nice photos btw !

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