Mad About Sucre – An elegant cafe with Style

This cafe is a very beautiful & great place to hang out with friends, or maybe even your dates as it seems to be quite a class & romantic place. I presume a date here will certainly be a successful one!

We can see how much the owners are devoted to this cafe. They treat each customer like a VIP, patiently explaining how each cake comes about, what are the ingredients used for the cake and where the ingredients are from. They even explain how each cake should be eaten in order to trigger your taste buds.

Each piece of cake is paired with a type of tea. And these teas are self-blended by the owners. Not only am I in love with the cakes, I’m in love with their tea too. This tea helps to bring the taste of the cakes to the highest peak.

San Domingue($12.80), made up of 70% single origin chocolate, Rum, Caramelized Plantain, Vanilla Cream and Brittany crunch. You could be thinking what is inside that Jewel Box on top. Well, Rum is in it. Start consuming by popping the jewel box into your mouth and when the rum flows out, it would send an alcoholic shot straight to your brain.

San Domingue($12.80)

Passion Fruit lovers will immediately fell in love with this Passionne($10.80). There are four layers for this piece of cake. At the top layers are the Passion Fruit & Light Cheese, with Passion Fruit soaked sponge beneath it and a coco nip crunch at the bottom. This cake is decorated with Fried Chocolate. The 2 ways of having this cake gives a totally different feel & taste. Try eating it with the cake alone and mixing it with the chocolate to find out which way you would prefer.


Coco Citron($9.80) is made with Light Coconut Mousse and Light Lemon Curd with a tart base, decorated with Crystal Drops to enhance visual sense. The lemon curd blended so nicely with the coconut mousse, not overpowering one another.

Coco Citron($9.80)

The new addition to the cake menu is the Carpentras($11.80). It is made up of Almond Meringue, Almond Crisps, White Chocolate at the base, Strawberry Vodka Cream & Vanilla Cream in the center and Raspberry Sauce on the top layer. For this, you got to eat the different layers together in a single spoon to taste the different combination flavor. Fear not if you are not an alcoholic person, this will not set you drunk, instead will make you fell in love with it.


Not to worry if you feel the variation of the cakes are not wide, the current cakes available will send you come back for more. And the bakers will introduce new cakes on & off to surprise you.


Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 12:30pm – 10:30pm

Closed Monday

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