Chir Chir – Say Cheers to Korean Fried Chicken

Chir Chir is in Town!!! Those who love Korean fried chicken, here’s another place for you to visit.  Chir Chir provides a convenient way of eating fried chicken without dirty your hands. They provide small tongs which you can use to pick up the chicken and eat it.

First item to try is the Spicy Wings($28.90). The Crispy Fried Wings are done with their special sauce with sweet potato cubes, rice cakes and nutty almond flakes added to it. The skin is so crispy and the meat is so tender and juicy even if it is left there for some time.

Spicy Wings($28.90)

Try the Garlic Roasted Chicken($32.90) if you intend to have a non-fried chicken for a change. The chicken is oven roasted and topped with garlic sauce.  The sauce is not too garlicky spicy, and there is a baked potato and hard-boiled egg to go along with. This is also good to share, for those who loves to eat the different parts of a chicken.

Garlic Roasted Chicken($32.90)

Besides the chickens, they provide salads too. If you think chicken is too much to consume, get a salad. Sides such as Mac and Cheese, Cheese Fries($9.90), and Mussel & Seafood Soup($21.90) are available too!

Chir Cheese Fries($9.90)

Mussel & Seafood Soup($21.90)

My favourite for the sides is the Mac & Cheese($9.90).  The Macaroni is covered with soft cream sauce & cheddar cheese. The generous amount of cheese in this dish makes it so cheesy that one plate is not enough to satisfy me. I just feel like ordering more, but to control as I need to try other stuffs too!

Mac & Cheese($9.90)

In the drinks menu are some interesting items such as Coconut Milktail and Tok! Tok!. The Coconut Milktail($12.90) is a mocktail with soft coconut milk & sweet strawberry flavour. The combination of the flavour is so great. I could never ever imagine coconut can blend so nice together with strawberry till I had this drink. For the Tok! Tok!, I had the non-alcoholic Blue Sky Tok! Tok!($14.90). It is a Cocktail made of blue lemonade. Very refreshing drink to pair with the chickens!

Coconut Milktail($12.90)

Blue Sky Tok! Tok!($14.90)

Chir Chir

313 Somerset, B3-04/05/06

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 10am – 10pm, Friday – Saturday 11am – 11pm

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