House of Peranakan Petit – A traditional peranakan restaurant with modern touches

House of Peranakan Petit is located at Eng Hoon Street, part of the Tiong Bahru Estate. It is a 30-seater restaurant in a modern yet traditional design, not losing its Peranakan charm. You will get to see some of the boss’s antique collections in the restaurant. The boss will go to the market every morning to choose the freshest ingredients for the dishes.

Peranakans are famous for their Ngoh Hiang, and if I visited a Peranakan restaurant, its definitely going to be my must-order item. The Ngoh Hiang($12) here are made with Minced Pork, Prawns, Water Chestnuts, and Onions. It is then deep fried till crispy golden brown. One bite into it and you could actually hear the loud crispy sound cracking from the skin. The fragrant smell & taste from the Ngoh Hiang could actually make me get so addicted to it.


Love Otak? The Otak Otak($12) here uses more than 20 ingredients to make this spicy Mackerel Fish Paste. Having a taste of it, the lingering taste on the tongue will make you fall in love with it.


The meat used for Bob’s Pork Bun($10) is a caramelized pork belly which is slowed cooked for hours to make the meat tender. It is served with a steamed white bun, adding lettuce & coriander leaves to it.


I strongly recommend the Scallop Lemak($28) dish which you should try. It makes use of scallops from Japan, stir-fried with a gravy of spices and coconut milk, topped with Laksa leaf. The lemak taste is strong yet very appetizing. You won’t want to waste any of the gravy!


Ayam Buah Keluak($18), is a favourite among the Peranakans. This dish requires many hours of preparation, and is definitely not an easy dish to complete. The Chicken & Spare Ribs are braised in traditional spices, together with the Buah Keluak. Don’t forget to dig out the mined meat & prawns that are stuffed into the Buah Keluak. The sauce goes along well with the rice, so dun forget to order a bowl of rice for this!


Durian Chendol with Coconut Ice Cream($8.50), a dessert for Chendol & Durian lovers. It is make up of Pandan Jelly, Red Beans, Gula Melaka, Coconut Ice Cream & Durian Puree. The durian is so good and fresh that you can actually taste the durian meat. As for the Coconut Ice Cream, it is made exclusively for this restaurant.


Ubi Kayu($6) is a dish of Steamed Tapioca Balls topped with Grated Coconut. The Tapioca Balls are soft, chewy & sweet. A simple yet delicious bowl of dessert.


If you love Peranakan food, gather some friends to go down for a good home-cooked Peranakan meal!

House of Peranakan Petit
42 Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru Estate
Singapore 169785
Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday-Sunday: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm
Closed on Tuesday

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