Out Of The Cake Box – Surprises in the cake box, amazed by the creativity!

This cafe started out as a takeaway counter, and customization of the cakes are allowed in this cafe. Gradually, seats are added in to incorporate customers who wish to dine in as well. It is situated at the Telok Blangah neighbourhood estate, within walking distance from Telok Blangah MRT.

I am very surprised at their creativity. They sure know what their customers are looking for, and always introducing new and special flavors. Not many would think of introducing a Mango Sticky Rice Cake and a Bo Bo Cha Cha Mousse Cake in a cafe. It takes a lot of effort just to get these special cakes done. And most importantly, I find the price quite reasonable.

First, the hype is on the Chendol Fudge Cake($5.50) when it was first introduced. It consists of a Gula Melaka Infused Sponge Cake with Coconut Gula Melaka Fudge and Classic Chendol Toppings. Not too sweet and with the Chendol ingredients, it does make it taste quite special.

Chendol Fudge(Gula Melaka Infused Sponge Cake Layers with Coconut Gula Melaka Fudge & Classic Chendol Toppings)($5.50)

Then comes the Mango Sticky Rice Cake($6) and the White Rabbit Cake($6.50). The baker’s new innovation of transforming a Thai dessert into a cake seems to work quite well. It was sold out the first time I went. Looks like it was in quite a high demand. And since it is the mango season now, therefore it should be the best time to have some mangoes. Having a bite of this special Mango Sticky Rice Cake, it really taste so good that I just couldn’t stop putting the cake into my mouth. So delicious!

Mango Sticky Rice($6)

The White Rabbit Cake should trigger some good olden memories for some. From young, I love to eat the White Rabbit Milk Candy and now I just couldn’t imagine it was used for a lava cake. The White Rabbit Cake comes with a Matcha Sponge, White Rabbit Lava & Black Sesame Brittle. A cut into the cake would bring the White Rabbit Lava flowing out of it. The Black Sesame Brittle is very crispy and good, each bite comes with a nice sesame aroma.


The latest item released from the cafe is this Bo Bo Cha Cha Mousse Cake($5.50). This cake is served inbetween the traditional Ice Cream Wafers. I am glad to see that it comes with generous Bo Bo Cha Cha ingredients. Now, besides having Bo Bo Cha Cha in a hawker centre, you can have it in a cafe too. And the cafe makes a local dessert look so atas.

Bo Bo Cha Cha Mousse Cake served between traditional 'pia' Ice Cream Wafers($5.50)

If you would love to have something more refreshing, try the Tarte Au Citron($6). I like the sourness with a tint of sweetness in this Lemon Tart. Refreshingly good to have on a hot & humid afternoon.

Tarte Au Citron($6)

Out Of The Cake Box
45 Telok Blangah Drive, #01-173
Operating Hours: Sunday-Monday: 10am-5pm, Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-8:30pm, Saturday: 12pm-9pm

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