Gudetama Cafe – Too cute!

This is indeed a beautiful & cute concept for a cafe, and it attracts patrons to keep on visiting, which means the queue is forever long! Oh well, the food here indeed looks too cute to be consumed, but I can’t let them go too. So, let’s take photo and eat!

Lazy Surfer($28.50) has the grilled seafood such as fish, mussels & clams served in a pan. Oh yes, it comes with the Brazilian rice which is made into the shape of a gudetama character! The spices for the rice makes it taste great!


Looking at the Big “Nua” Breakfast($25.90), I wished I can be like them, nua in bed. The cute faces on the eggs, simply telling us that they enjoy nua-ing on the toast! This breakfast item consists of 2 eggs on the buttery brioche toast, bacon, spicy pork bratwurst, sauteed mushrooms & baked eggs. Indeed a very hearty breakfast item to enjoy at any time of the day.


If you love lobster soup, then you should try this Gudetama Lobster Onsen($16). The lobster soup is served in a bread bowl with an onsen which looks like it is having a suana. The strong lobster soup together with the crispy outer layer yet soft inner layer bread makes it a perfect match. Just cannot forget the taste of it.


After the meal, it shall be some dessert time. I had a Cirtus Pan($7.50) which is not too sour, just right for enjoying., and a Strawberry Yoghurt Egg Shell($8.90).



Gudetama Cafe
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City
#01-361, Singapore

Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9am – 10pm
Friday – Sunday: 8am – 10pm

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